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Coaching is important

I believe that coaching is  one of the most important positive  change agents of the 21st century.   I think it is more than a profession, it is an attitude, a way of life which carries with it a set of uplifting values and an open mindset. 


Coaches are part of a greater movement aiming at the betterment of the human condition,  igniting the potential within people and opening up a world of possibities for each person.

Saba Imru, PCC
Executive Leadership Coach
Coach Trainer and Superviso


I bring over 30 years of professional  experience and personal development to coach supervision and mentoring.  

I have worked as an independent consultant and trainer as well as in employment of large organisations which gives me insight and experience in a variety of professional settings.  My experience spans the fields of communication,  human resource management, strategy,  leadership development, coaching, training, mentoring and mediation.

I am a Senior Trainer and Coach Supervisor at the Institute of Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland. leading the ICF accredited coach certification programme in English since 2010.

I am Mediator for the International Telecommunication Union where I conduct workplace mediation and conflict coaching.

I am a World Café Practicioner and steward for the Geneva, Switzerland, where I conduct large scale events to elecit the emergence of collective intelligence for the solution of global problems.

Education and Training

I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation  and am Master Coach IDC, having graduated from the Institut de Coaching, Geneva, Switzerland (ICF and EduQua accredited training). 

My background is in languages, Interpreter School of Rome,  and sociology, Open University. I have professional training in communication, negotiation, mediation,  leadership, project management, profiler 360% assessment, UN job classification methodology,  trainer in brain-based learning techniques, trainer of trainers. 

I am currently a candidate for a Master of Arts degree in Leadership studies.


My coaching style is fundamentally non-directive and I integrate various models and tools such as meta-coaching,  a systems approach, co-active coaching, neuro-logical levels somatic work and creativity so as to promote an  in-depth development of  human potential beyond the behavioural and competency levels.  Having grown up and worked in international environments, I am sensitive to cultural diversity and I integrate cross-cultural skills into my coaching style.  I am fluent in English, French and Italian and coach in the three languages.


Supervision is a highly customized process, adapted to the needs of each individual coach.  Most supervision work is intuitive, based on what emerges in the coaching conversatio.   Nonetheless, I take inspiration from various supervision models to help you reflect deeply on your role as coach, your coaching attitude, your client and their environment.

Some well known supervision models developed by world-class practitioners and schorars are:

  • the 7-Eyed Model of Coaching Supervision (Hawkins and Schwenk), a systems approach the supports the exploration of all the relations and interactions present in a coaching engagement.

  • the 7 Conversations Model (Megginson and Clutterbuck) which allows you to deconstruct the coaching conversation and understand where the dialogue is most or least effective

  • the Person-centered approach (Rogers), which assumes that as a coach you naturally tend towards self-actualization and have all the resources within you to develop your coaching posture and skills to a level of excellence.
    Through supervision, you will become more aware of your interaction with your client, and you will improve the quality and impact of your coaching conversations.


Having an extensive and varied international professional experience  I can offer guidance,  contribute and share the expertise  I have acquired over many years in my areas of competence.


-  Member,  International Coaching Federation, ICF , USA
-  Member,  International Coaching Federation, ICF, Switzerland
-  Affiliate Member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean
   Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate
-  Member,  Career Women, Switzerland
-  Member, Geneva Women in International Trade
-  Member, Association Ressources, France


Founder and President, Coach for Peace, Geneva
Co-founder and President of Solidarity Fund for Ethiopian Women, UN, Geneva


Founder, Choosemylife, Personal and Career Coaching
Founder, Leaderstoday, Executive Coaching and leadership development


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