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Coaching, a new profession at the service of mankind

Coaches are at the forefront of the new technologies for personal and professional development. At present, they are the amongst the most significant contributors to the flourishing of individuals both in the personal and professional arenas.

Coaching is a supportive process, in which the Coach acts as a catalyst, based on people's potential and on their capacity to find their own solutions. The coaching approach is widely embraced because it is non-dogmatic, flexible, positive and energizing.

Coaching is an extremely gratifying profession as it rests on a partnership aimed at supporting their client in the achievement of projects, the fulfillment of  dreams and the enhancement of the quality of life.   Coaches benefit  almost as much as their clients from this highly uplifting process.

A Coach works on self

To fully perform our work as Coach,  we focus not only on renewing our knowledge and competencies but also on the constant development of our self,  since we are the main tool of our profession.

We aim, as far as possible, at personal alignment and balance so as to ensure a real  presence and connection during the coaching session, essential conditions for the client to be able to discover new perspectives and express her own potential.



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